Can I add funds via UPI?

Can I add funds via UPI?

Unfortunately, adding funds via UPI is not supported for LRS transactions. However, you can conveniently add funds through bank transfers. Most banks in India offer seamless integration for adding funds, making it a reliable and secure option. To add funds to your Vested account using your Indian bank account, log in to your Vested account, click on the "Transfer" tab, select "Add Funds," choose "Indian Bank," select your bank from the list of supported banks, and download the Net Banking Instructions PDF for detailed steps.

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    • Can I add funds via a forex card?

      As per RBI guidelines, to invest in the US, you need to process your remittance via an Authorised Dealer 1 entity only. Authorized Dealer 1 entities are typically banks. You need to initiate a transfer from your bank only.
    • Can I add funds on Vested while my KYC is under review?

      No, you will not be able to add funds unless the account is approved, as your brokerage account number is generated after the approval
    • Can I transfer funds if I don't have netbanking with my Bank?

      Yes, you can transfer funds even without net banking. Visit your bank to obtain an A2 and declaration form for remitting funds to your US brokerage account using the purpose code S0001. Alternatively, in the Vested app, click on the "Transfer" tab, ...
    • How can I transfer funds via an NRE/NRO account?

      Under the purpose code S0001, the transfer procedure for NRE and NRO bank accounts is offline. To transfer funds from your NRE bank account, kindly visit your bank's nearest branch to submit the A2 and declaration forms. To transfer funds from your ...
    • How to transfer funds from ICICI Bank to Vested?

      Step 1: Log in to the ICICI Internet Banking portal using your user ID or mobile number Figure 1 Step 2: Under the “Payments and Transfer” tab, select “Fund Transfer”. Figure 2 Step 3: Select “Overseas Transfer”. Figure 3 Step 4: Select “Send Money ...