How do I transfer funds to INR Bonds for transaction | Vested

How do I transfer funds to INR Bonds for transaction?

To invest in INR bonds on Vested, follow these steps:

  • Complete KYC on Vested: When you click on “Buy” on any bond, you will be re-directed to complete your KYC. Link your bank and demat account during the KYC process on the Vested platform. This is a crucial step to initiate transactions.

  • Select Bonds: Browse through the available INR bonds on Vested and click on the "Buy" button for the chosen bond.

  • Specify Units: Choose the number of units you wish to purchase.

  • Transaction: Upon confirming your investment details, you will be redirected to the payments page.

  • Payment Options: Complete the transaction by choosing either UPI or Netbanking from the bank account linked during KYC.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly transfer funds and invest in INR bonds through Vested's platform.