Is there any fees to invest in INR bonds | Vested

Is there any fees to invest in INR Bonds?

No, there is no fees charged by Vested to invest in INR Bonds.
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    • Can NRIs open an account to invest in INR Bonds?

      We are actively working on making INR Bonds available to NRIs, and additional details will be shared as the product continues to progress.
    • What is the process for investment in INR Bonds?

      Investing in INR Bonds involves a straightforward process: Select INR Bonds from the home screen Pick a bond you want to invest in If this is the first time you are investing in INR Bonds, you will be prompted to do KYC. Complete the fully digital ...
    • What are INR Bonds?

      INR Bonds is a product offered by Vested in partnership with a registered debt broker and Online Bonds Platform Provider, Launchpad Fintech Private Limited. INR Bonds is a collection of Bonds and Debentures (debt instruments) issued by governments ...
    • Who can open an account with INR Bonds?

      Any Resident Indian with a valid aadhar card and pan card can invest in INR Bonds. The platform is currently under development to accommodate NRIs, further information will be provided as the product evolves.
    • Check if you can use your existing demat account to invest in INR (Indian) Bonds

      To complete your KYC for INR Bonds, you will need your PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Demat Account details, and Bank Account details.