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Is Vested Edge regulated?

Vested Edge is facilitated via Vested’s NBFC-P2P partners, Faircent and Lendbox. P2P lending in India is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). NBFC P2Ps are non-banking financial companies licensed by the RBI to operate P2P lending platforms. These platforms must maintain a minimum net-owned fund and adhere to exposure limits to mitigate risks. Platforms are obligated to conduct thorough credit assessments of borrowers and disclose relevant information to lenders. Additionally, they must maintain escrow accounts to be operated by a bank-promoted trustee, follow fair practices, and have grievance redressal mechanisms in place, ensuring transparency and protecting the interests of participants.

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    • What is Vested Edge?

      Vested Edge is an investment product that helps you earn up to 11.5% pa by investing in P2P lending. Vested Edge partners with P2P lending platforms with a track record of quality risk management and borrower sourcing mechanisms, and who have ...
    • How does Vested Edge work?

      Vested Edge has partnered with RBI-licensed P2P lending NBFCs Faircent and Lendbox. On opening an account and investing with Vested Edge, you maintain an investment account with all our P2P lending partners, gaining access to the borrower pool ...
    • Who can invest via Vested Edge?

      Any investor with a valid PAN ID and Aadhaar can invest in P2P lending via Vested Edge.
    • What are the possible risks of investing with Vested Edge and how does Vested help mitigate those risks?

      There are different types of risk that you need to consider when investing in P2P lending. Counter-party/platform risk - This is the risk posed by the stability of the P2P platform. Vested Edge partners with platforms with a strong track record of ...
    • Can NRIs invest via Vested Edge?

      NRIs with valid PAN ID and Aadhaar can invest via their NRO bank accounts with Vested Edge. We are working on bringing the capability for all NRIs to invest with Vested Edge soon and will keep you informed of the same.