What is the process for investment in INR Bonds - Vested

What is the process for investment in INR Bonds?

 Investing in INR Bonds involves a straightforward process:

  • Select INR Bonds from the home screen

  • Pick a bond you want to invest in

  • If this is the first time you are investing in INR Bonds, you will be prompted to do KYC. Complete the fully digital KYC process within minutes 

  • Invest with confidence

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    • How do I transfer funds to INR Bonds for transaction?

      To invest in INR bonds on Vested, follow these steps: Complete KYC on Vested: When you click on “Buy” on any bond, you will be re-directed to complete your KYC. Link your bank and demat account during the KYC process on the Vested platform. This is a ...
    • What are INR Bonds?

      INR Bonds is a product offered by Vested in partnership with a registered debt broker and Online Bonds Platform Provider, Launchpad Fintech Private Limited. INR Bonds is a collection of Bonds and Debentures (debt instruments) issued by governments ...
    • Why should I consider buying INR Bonds from Vested?

      Bonds can provide you fixed upto 12% with relatively lower risk when compared to other fixed income instruments in the market. With Vested, you get additional benefits and features including: Trusted platform: Vested has partnered with ...
    • Can I hold my INR Bonds in demat form?

      When you purchase bonds through Vested, they are automatically credited to the demat account you've linked during the KYC process, making the process seamless and efficient.
    • Is there any fees to invest in INR Bonds?

      No, there is no fees charged by Vested to invest in INR Bonds.