Where can I access the confirmations for the inestments made in Vested Edge?

Where can I access the confirmations for the investments made?

Vested will send you a confirmation email for all the investments that you have made. You can also view confirmations for the same from your Transaction History and Account Statement on the app.
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    • Can I make a premature withdrawal from the investments made in fixed-term plans?

      No, there is no option to withdraw your funds during the lock-in period from a Fixed-term plan.
    • When do I start earning interest on my investments?

      You will start earning interest on your investments immediately after your investment is successful with our partners. You will be notified when the investment is successful via email and can keep track of the same via our app.
    • Are the stated returns on my investments assured?

      As with any form of lending, there are some risks, the biggest being that a borrower doesn’t repay, i.e., there is a risk that a borrower may default. The returns on each investment are only indicative, and there is no guarantee of the interest that ...
    • How does Vested Edge work?

      Vested Edge has partnered with RBI-licensed P2P lending NBFCs Faircent and Lendbox. On opening an account and investing with Vested Edge, you maintain an investment account with all our P2P lending partners, gaining access to the borrower pool ...
    • What are the benefits of investing with Vested Edge?

      Vested Edge allows you to automatically diversify your investments across multiple P2P platforms, reducing the risk associated with investing with a single platform and providing access to a wider range of borrowers to diversify your investment. ...