Why should I consider buying INR Bonds from Vested

Why should I consider buying INR Bonds from Vested?

Bonds can provide you fixed upto 12% with relatively lower risk when compared to other fixed income instruments in the market. With Vested, you get additional benefits and features including:

  • Trusted platform: Vested has partnered with SEBI-registered debt broker and Online Bonds Platform Provider, Launchpad Fintech Private Limited. 

  • Curation: We curate and offer select listed Bonds that are investment-rated (A- and above). 

  • Easy: Online process that can be completed in 3 simple steps 

  • Support: Multi-channel support via phone, in-app chats as well as email in case of any queries.

Risk and return are generally correlated. Higher-yielding bonds typically carry higher risk.

Diversification across different types of bonds can help mitigate some of the risks involved.

By understanding these risks and carefully planning your investment strategy, you can make informed decisions about investing in bonds in India.

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    • What are INR Bonds?

      INR Bonds is a product offered by Vested in partnership with a registered debt broker and Online Bonds Platform Provider, Launchpad Fintech Private Limited. INR Bonds is a collection of Bonds and Debentures (debt instruments) issued by governments ...
    • Is there any fees to invest in INR Bonds?

      No, there is no fees charged by Vested to invest in INR Bonds.
    • What are the different types of INR Bonds available on Vested?

      There are two types of INR Bonds available on Vested: Corporate Bonds: Issued by private companies with good credit ratings, corporate bonds offer higher potential returns compared to G-Secs and PSU bonds, but also carry higher risk. The ...
    • How to change/reset my password for INR Bonds?

      To change or reset your password for INR Bonds, visit https://app.vestedfinance.com/login, and click on "forgot password". Follow the instructions provided to update your password for your Vested account.
    • How to close my account on INR Bonds?

      To close your INR Bonds account, please contact our customer success team at help@vestedfinance.co. They will assist you with the necessary steps to make the change.